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Photoshoot Wardrobe Guide: What to wear for your pictures

Fall portrait in Manchester TN by Taylor Pierce Photography
Fall Picture

Pretty much every session in the works has that one sentence squeezed in there somewhere.

"What should we wear for our pictures?

  1. My number one tip? Don't stress! Make it fun. This can be that excuse you need to go shopping for yourself. Tell your significant other that you need to go shopping for everyone's outfit. Stop at Dunkin', get yourself a coffee and walk around Target for 3 hours.

  2. Repeat after me! "Less is more." Keep the outfits simple so they don't distract from what's really important, your family. Ditch the logos, loud patterns and shirts with words/ graphics.

  3. Use a color scheme with 2-4 colors that compliment each other and coordinate outfits around that. Don't be matchy-matchy. This can make your photos boring and even dated! 

  4. Dress to flatter. Avoid short dresses and sleeveless shirts. It's psychology, even if your frame is tiny, the more skin that's showing, the bigger you appear in pictures. Wear something comfortable and something that fits nicely. Don't go a size up either. You want something that is true to your body shape.

  5. Shop for your wardrobe early. Don't wait the day before because that's when panic sets in. I suggest planning 2 or more weeks before your session. 

  6. Wear nice shoes but make sure they are easy to walk in. We don't need you falling down and getting that gorgeous outfit dirty. 

I also suggest planning your makeup before the day of your session. Try to get a good match for your skin tone so you don't look orange. 

Don't forget

  • Hair brush

  • Baby wipes

  • extra pants for those potty training kiddos

  • to iron your clothes

  • your props if your bringing any

  • to have fun!

I hope this helped you plan your session. Future posts to look out for are: What to wear for Summer pictures, photography locations for Manchester, TN, & Locations for pictures in Murfreesboro, TN.

Thank you!

Taylor Pierce

Taylor Pierce Photography

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