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Nashville born baby in a brown knitted romper laying in a wooden bowl with a wool layer under the bowl and on top of a dark wooden backdrop

It's no secret I love babies. I struggled with infertility for years and photographing babies was strongly rooted in me from the start of my photography career. Capturing the smiles, tiny fingers and how small they are in parents' arms is like no other genre of photography. It's the most important time to document your journey. Right up there with your wedding day. -Taylor

Firstly, congratulations on your new arrival! We know how exciting pregnancy is and finding the best of everything for your baby is so important to you. Relying on a professional photographer to be an expert in their field and having the trust is a requirement.  Our number one priority is newborn safety and Taylor has poured countless hours into her education to master safety.

Every newborn session includes a keepsake video!

Your session will be designed by Taylor and tailored just for you. We have a variety of props, bonnets, tiebacks, and much more to create your dream session. Taylor will snuggle that baby and let you enjoy the experience while she takes care of everything. Snacks and beverages are in our cozy seating area.  Siblings and parents are encouraged to be included.

Newborn sessions are generally booked during pregnancy for when the baby is 5-20 days new. This is the time they are most flexible and sleepy. However, it is never too late to book. Our schedule can open up if another baby was born early and the session already took place. Please use the contact page to inquire for your session.  

Taylor Pierce Photography offers both posed & lifestyle newborn photography in studio.

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All props and accessories provided

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Trained & experienced newborn photographer

A baby is one of the world's most precious gifts. I'm sure you feel the same way and that's why you are looking for photographic services. Being a parent of such a small person comes with worries such as safety, well-being and happiness. That's why we take plenty of time during the session to soothe the baby. If your newborn is a little fussy the morning of our shoot, then don't worry. We will put the needs of the baby first so you can feed or change him/ her as needed. So please bring all of the supplies you will need for your baby. 


Taylors job as your newborn photographer is to capture your baby in a safe and comfortable environment. This means she will use various techniques to soothe your baby before and during our session. Sometimes he/ she will need mom for feeding or changing, but other times calming sounds or movements can be used without interruption to our session flow. We also have a portable space heater to keep your baby warm and happy.

Parent posing newborn photography mom an

Book in advance, before your baby arrives.

Once your little one is here you’ll have lots on your plate, and booking your session may slip your mind until it’s too late.


Guaranteed scheduling.

My calendar is flexible for newborn sessions because I only book a small number of sessions a month. This is helpful when accommodating babies who may arrive early or late.


Estimated due date.

Once booked, your due date is entered into my calendar and serves as your tentative booking. Once your little one arrives, we will schedule your session within 10-21 days.

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Newborn Photography pricing

Every collection includes a $50 print credit. Additional digital images can be purchased.


Get $50 off when booking a maternity and newborn session together.


Collections can be broken up into installments. Pay overtime in custom installments, leading up to your session.

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Relax!! Newborns take tons of patience and time. Taylor always expects to stop for feeding and diaper changes. It is also common for our props to get peed/pooped/spit up on. AND THAT IS OKAY. 

It is best to have newborn pictures taken within the first two weeks of their life. While not impossible if they are older, newborns are more flexible for different poses when they are under 21 days old. Ideally, sessions should be booked between 11-14 days old. Please contact us while you're still in the hospital so we can get your session booked. Plan to be present for a 2-4 hour session, depending on baby. We recommend scheduling your newborn session while you are still pregnant. We will reserve availability around your due date to ensure session time is available for you. 

  • Do you travel for newborn sessions with all of your props?
    Yes! I do offer Newborn Sessions in my clients homes. Travel sessions do come with an extra fee of $350.
  • When is the best time to book a newborn session?
    While you are still pregnant! Your estimated due date will be recorded and you will be guaranteed availability for newborn photos in the first weeks of life.
  • How long is a newborn session?
    Plan for a session lasting 2-4 hours depending on how your baby feels. There may be outfit, prop, backdrop changes involved as well as feeding or soothing of baby that will take time between photos. There is absolutely no rush in my studio as you will be the only session scheduled for the day.
  • What do I need to bring?
    For newborn sessions, nothing is required. You may opt to bring a few small items such a hat, a toy, or a special blanket, but I also have everything we need to create beautiful and timeless portraits of your little one. Most of the session will be done with baby unclothed in wraps or knit items. For the family photos, I suggest wearing neutral colored shirts. The focus will continue to be on baby this way. We will also talk in advance about what will coordinate best for family images.
  • Should I bring daipers and milk?
    Yes, you should bring anything you would normally need for a day away from your home. Please bring an extra 50% more milk than you normally would give them to help put your newborn baby into a nice deep milky sleep for the photos. Breastfeeding parents, feel free to bring extra supply either frozen or chilled. There will be ample time during a newborn photo session for feeding, bonding and comforting your new bundle of joy. And if the session goes longer because we needed to work around the baby’s schedule, that’s okay as well.
  • What should my newborn wear?
    A lot of people ask me what to put their newborn babies in for photos. I have plenty of wraps for newborns and most newborns are photographed without clothes. If there is one special outfit passed down through the family, please contact me to work it into the session.
  • What if my baby cries alot?
    It's okay if your baby cries. I invite parents to sit and relax and allow me to try my methods to relax your baby and allow Baby to become familiar with me. This truly helps the process versus handing baby to mom when he cries a little. Of course if it is time to feed, you will be able to do that, but there are so many things little ones are trying to tell us when they make their noises and luckily I have had the experience to know if baby just needs to change position, soothe (bring a pacifier if you use one) or be changed. We will do what is right for him/ her.

Murfreesboro, TN Newborn Baby Photography

smiling wrapped baby _ Nashville area newborn Photographer

I never want you to forget that face.

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