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It's no secret I love babies. I struggled with infertility for years and photographing babies was strongly rooted in me from the start of my photography career. Capturing the smiles, tiny fingers and how small they are in parents' arms is like no other genre of photography. It's the most important time to document your journey. Right up there with your wedding day. 

Firstly, congratulations on your new arrival! I know how exciting pregnancy is and finding the best of everything for your baby is so important to you. Relying on a professional photographer to be an expert in their field and having the trust is a requirement.  My number one priority is newborn safety and I have poured countless hours into my education to master safety.


Your session will be designed by me and tailored just for you. I have a variety of props, bonnets, tiebacks, and much more to create your dream session. I will snuggle that baby and let you enjoy the experience while I take care of everything. Snacks and beverages are in my cozy seating area.  Siblings and parents are encouraged to be included.

Newborn sessions are generally booked during pregnancy for when the baby is 5-20 days new. This is the time they are most flexible and sleepy. However, it is never too late to book. My schedule can open up if another baby was born early and the session already took place. Please use the contact page to inquire for your session. 

It is my number one priority to keep your baby safe. Because of this, I will NEVER put him/ her in a situation I believe would be risky, or uncomfortable.  Not all poses and props can be done with every baby and it is my responsibility to assess each instance and make decisions about what poses to use.  Please keep in mind that the session is not about the prop, but about capturing your child as he/she is in this once in a lifetime moment.

 By all means, if there are poses you have seen and would like to try, let me know. I am happy to explain how these poses can safely be done, and will often need your help to make them happen.  Depending on you baby’s age, flexibility, and overall temperament we will decide together what is right for him/her. 

With your child’s safety in mind, please note that I am fully vaccinated for work with infants and children.  I would never knowingly put your child in harms way. This is why I clean and sanitize all items we will use during our session.  You can rest easy knowing I have taken the proper precautions to keep the studio clean for your visit.


A baby is one of the worlds most precious gifts. I'm sure you feel the same way and that's why you are looking for photographic services. Being a parent of such a small person comes with worries such as safety, well being and happiness. That's why I take plenty of time during my sessions to soothe the baby. If your newborn is a little fussy the morning of our shoot, then don't worry. We will put the needs of the baby first so you can feed or change him/ her as needed. So please bring all of the supplies you will need for your baby. 


My job as your newborn photographer is to capture your baby in a safe and comfortable environment. This means I will use various techniques to soothe your baby before and during our session. Sometimes he/ she will need mom for feeding or changing, but other times calming sounds or movements can be used without interruption to our session flow. I also have a portable space heater to keep your baby warm and happy.


Relax!! Newborns take tons of patience and time. I always expect to stop for feeding and diaper changes. It is also common for my props to get peed/pooped/spit up on. AND THAT IS OKAY. 

It is best to have newborn pictures taken within the first two weeks of their life. While not impossible if they are older, newborns are more flexible for different poses when they are under 21 days old. Ideally, sessions should be booked between 11-14 days old. Please contact me while you're still in the hospital so we can get your session booked. Plan to be present for a 2-4 hour session, depending on baby. I recommend scheduling your newborn session while you are still pregnant. I will reserve availability around your due date to ensure session time is available for you. 

Try to wear your baby out shortly before the session. It is best if you can keep him/her up for a couples hours before our session. If he/ she doesn't want to cooperate, please do not stress, I want you to enjoy the process. Before the session, please put baby in looser fitting clothes, diapers, and keep them warm. This typically is a perfect equation to have them nice and sleepy for our session together. 

It is best to keep siblings out of noise range while we are doing the more pose-y pictures. If you're just planning to get pictures of your newborn alone, then I recommend scheduling a babysitter for the siblings. I prefer to do newborn sessions during the week while siblings are at school.  If you want sibling pictures, we will do those first then they can play in the next room over if needed. You will need to have another adult here to watch your older children. Or your spouse can drive separately and leave after the sibling pictures are over. 

If you have an in-home session planned, please do not clean for me. I also have a son and I know how messy the house can get. Having a newborn is no different and I fully expect you to relax and spend time with your bundle of joy instead of worrying about cleaning for me. 

You will also need to turn up the heat to at least 75 degrees for an in-home session. Babies settle better and are able to hold the naked poses better if they are not cold. I will bring my space heater to help keep baby warm. 


Murfreesboro, TN Newborn Baby Photography

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