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one year milestone boy, papasan chair, wooden backdrop

These simple milestone sessions are perfect for documenting your little one’s milestones within the first year — like tummy time, smiles, giggles, toe grabbing, sitting and standing. I want to capture these fleeting moments so that you can cherish them long after they’re gone. These sessions are typically for babies between 3 and 12 months, however it is not necessary to schedule right at 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.  I want you to schedule whenever you feel like you want to capture your babies progress.  Every baby is different and that is what makes them special.

What I love the most about these sessions is the simplicity.  I aim to keep props limited so that all of the attention on your baby and not a busy backdrop.  Outfits should be kept simple (rompers, diaper covers, shorts, bare feet, SMALL delicate headbands, etc.) so that we can focus on those squishy arms, belly rolls, big eyes and tiny fingers & toes.

2-4 months

Sometimes we don't realize we want a newborn session until a few months post-partum. The 2-4 month mark is a great option if you missed the sleepy newborn stage. Around this age, babies are still tiny and limited to moving around. They are still mastering tummy time and holding their heads up for shorts periods. Baby is typically giving cute smiles to family and that is something we can capture in the studio. Along with the smiles, we can photograph baby on their back and tummy, lying in a prop and in parents' arms. 

6-8 months

Baby is already halfway through the first year! So much growth and development has happened in such a short period of time. The most memorable being, sitting up and crawling. Both make stunning milestone images. The big smile, laughs, and sitter props will make a large variety in your gallery that you will cherish forever.  

12-13 months

The first birthday is the biggest milestone of all and one of the most popular times to photograph baby. It's crazy to know that a full year has passed, but there is so much to celebrate, too! At 12 months, baby is often able to stand up on their own, even if holding on to a chair or stool. Both of my packages come with a traditional wooden backdrop with a prop and a cake smash. You have two options to choose from for the cake smash pictures. One being simplistic and the other being a custom theme. That can be anything that you want (if the backdrop is available). For more information on the difference between the two, click here.  Parents love these memorable images that really capture that big first birthday milestone. 

Does your baby have something special that you’d like to incorporate?  Let me know so that I can accommodate you.


If you have any questions you need answered, please feel free to ask me.

  • Do you travel for newborn sessions with all of your props?
    Yes! I do offer Newborn Sessions in my clients homes. Travel sessions do come with an extra fee of $350.
  • When is the best time to book a newborn session?
    While you are still pregnant! Your estimated due date will be recorded and you will be guaranteed availability for newborn photos in the first weeks of life.
  • How long is a newborn session?
    Plan for a session lasting 2-4 hours depending on how your baby feels. There may be outfit, prop, backdrop changes involved as well as feeding or soothing of baby that will take time between photos. There is absolutely no rush in my studio as you will be the only session scheduled for the day.
  • What do I need to bring?
    For newborn sessions, nothing is required. You may opt to bring a few small items such a hat, a toy, or a special blanket, but I also have everything we need to create beautiful and timeless portraits of your little one. Most of the session will be done with baby unclothed in wraps or knit items. For the family photos, I suggest wearing neutral colored shirts. The focus will continue to be on baby this way. We will also talk in advance about what will coordinate best for family images.
  • Should I bring daipers and milk?
    Yes, you should bring anything you would normally need for a day away from your home. Please bring an extra 50% more milk than you normally would give them to help put your newborn baby into a nice deep milky sleep for the photos. Breastfeeding parents, feel free to bring extra supply either frozen or chilled. There will be ample time during a newborn photo session for feeding, bonding and comforting your new bundle of joy. And if the session goes longer because we needed to work around the baby’s schedule, that’s okay as well.
  • What should my newborn wear?
    A lot of people ask me what to put their newborn babies in for photos. I have plenty of wraps for newborns and most newborns are photographed without clothes. If there is one special outfit passed down through the family, please contact me to work it into the session.
  • What if my baby cries alot?
    It's okay if your baby cries. I invite parents to sit and relax and allow me to try my methods to relax your baby and allow Baby to become familiar with me. This truly helps the process versus handing baby to mom when he cries a little. Of course if it is time to feed, you will be able to do that, but there are so many things little ones are trying to tell us when they make their noises and luckily I have had the experience to know if baby just needs to change position, soothe (bring a pacifier if you use one) or be changed. We will do what is right for him/ her.

Murfreesboro Cake smash and baby photographer

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