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Gallery Reveal & Ordering Appointment | Manchester, TN Newborn Baby & Maternity Photographer

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Imagine walking into that room and seeing that wall art. It would stop you in your tracks and the joy of seeing real art on your walls generates so many emotions. Or you could sit on the couch and scroll through your phone to show your friends and family. I can't imagine how it would feel to lose your phone and everything on it. We have so many pictures taken of us in this century. |Digital has dominated the world. But that doesn't mean it's the best option. Tangible mail is better than an email. Vinyl albums are more valuable than single downloads. Real things you can see and hold every day are deeply rooted with emotion and grow with meaning over time... Over generations.

For the love of generational artistry and the client experience, Taylor Pierce Photography provides the luxury of In-person gallery reveals/ ordering appointments.

But what is a gallery reveal/ ordering appointment?

One week after your session, you will come to my studio to select your images and artwork. We will discuss all of your options and you only have to purchase what you want. This is a dedicated time to sit down to pick your images. You will pick what you love and with my help this makes the whole experience more emotional, faster, and more productive. All while having an all-around better experience.

What not an online gallery?

I know in today's world; we have been conditioned to figure things out on our own and to self-serve. While online may seem ideal, it doesn't benefit you. Having the expertise, creative input and support of your photographer there in person is unparallel to any web gallery service that can be offered.

What happens at the gallery reveal/ ordering appointment

  1. I welcome you back to my studio. I'm sure we will make a little small talk for a minute or two, but I know you'll be eager to see your images. My fridge will have drinks and snacks for you to indulge on.

  2. You will see a slide show of your gallery. This is the part where I watch for the "oohs" and "awes".

  3. We will start with picking your favorite images. I go through the whole gallery and have you say: Yes, maybe or No. All of the favorites will be viewed again if needed. The goal is to get you exactly where you want to be.

  4. Now we will discuss wall art and heirloom products if desired. I have samples, color swatches and more customization we will get to discuss. My artistic expertise will be offered while choosing your products. We will discuss what you are drawn to and what will look best in your home.

  5. Your order will be customized and finalized. You will pay right there at your ordering appointment. It is important to come prepared to pay and to have all decision makes at the ordering appointment.

  6. Your products will be delivered to my studio. I inspect everything to ensure my high standards are met. I will repackage your art and schedule a delivery date. If you are within an hour of the studio, I will personally deliver your order to your home. I love seeing you unpackage your art and taking pictures of the emotions I see you experience while opening everything like its Christmas morning.

So, what are all of the benefits of an In-person gallery reveal/ ordering appointment?

  • It's more emotional

  • All-around better experience

  • Guidance from your photographer right there in real time

  • Creative input from your artist

  • Easier time selecting images

  • Product customization- Samples can be viewed and swatches are there for you to choose from.

  • Less time consuming- No texting back and forth with questions.

  • More productive- No more putting choosing your images on the back burner.

  • Confidence in your purchase

  • NO overwhelming steps to figure out on your own

  • NO distraction

  • NO confusion

I have done galleries many different ways. The process is still evolving to refine my client experience. The in-person method is by far the best, in my opinion and from client feedback. It is a sit-down commitment and you do have to come prepared to make your decision at the ordering appointment. But once you experience the luxury of in-person galleries, you will never want to go back.


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