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Why do my pictures look different on my computer or phone?

Do me a favor and click this link to my home page. When you do, mess around with the brightness and watch how the overall look of the pictures change.

The brightness on your device is one of the many factors that can change how you see pictures online. The main culprit is the color calibration of your device. As a photographer this drives me crazy. I often wonder how many potential clients see my portfolio and wonder why the color is off. I promise it's not something that went wrong during editing. Most photographers have, or should have, a monitor that is calibrated with a device for professionals. This keeps the colors truer to what they should be but there is another thing to keep in mind when it comes to your artwork. Not only do we calibrate our monitors, but we also work with our professional printing service to match our screens to the physical print. This guarantees not only the highest quality of a print but exactly how the artist intends for the artwork to look. That's why I always recommend printing through me.

So, if you ever wonder why someone looks washed out or why some colors look funky, just know it is likely your device.

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