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Color Psychology

Color psychology is the study of how colors affect perceptions and behaviors. It's used to for marketing, branding, photography and so many other things that I probably don't even realize.

Something that blows my mind is how much colors influence our choices and opinions. Colors significantly impact people. Ultimately, it depends on how color has influenced you your whole life. We are all affected by color in different ways. Its impossible to narrow each color down to a solid meaning because most colors have symbolic or cultural meanings. Take red for example. For some, it may be viewed as a color for passion and love but others may feel like red implies danger and anger. Your life has a big impact on how you interpret each color. Before choosing which color to use for psychology, think about your main goal. Are you looking to gain someone's trust, portray power, appear wealthy, innocent, etc.

Today, I just want to talk about how you can use color theory for photography. How it can be used to portray someone. What color should you use if you're looking to brand yourself. Photographer, think why you should incorporate color theory into their workflow and photographs. Let's break down each color.


You should wear red if you want to attract attention to yourself. It says you're fearless, implies strength and power. However, It can also mean danger and anger. Be careful using too much red as it can irritate the observer.


Orange is warm and inviting. It signals a friendly person and someone who is fun and even courageous. But it can also stimulate frustration and ignorance if used too much.