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Using fabric for your maternity photography session | Nashville area maternity photographer

Nashville Area Maternity Photography

The only reason you would not use fabric for your maternity session is if you do not know about it or understand how it is used. This post is for my pregnant mamas and aspiring photographers.

There are many ways to add an extra touch of a boudoir for a goddess look to your maternity photography session. My favorite thing to make everyone say "Wowza" , is to add flying fabric to your maternity wardrobe.

It makes your session unique and completely different than any other thing you will ever do for a photoshoot. Its the best way to add the flying fabric look without picking a gown that has enough fabric to toss.

It can be easily moved around to create several different looks. We can pull it over the belly or tuck it behind to show more skin. Its extremely customizable.

It totally adds a Wow factor to couples maternity portraits, too. I just have Mama stand still while I show dad how to toss the fabric. Trust me, he will be a pro by the time I am finished with him.

Not all fabric has to be solid. Tulle has a perfect texture and opacity to add more intimacy.

Remember, you can always Choose a gown that also has fabric that can be tossed. Your session is always based on What you have in mind. This stunning Mama wanted a "Cloud" look with alot of her portraits. Pictured above is a gown I have in my client closet for my studio, which is located just one hour from both Nashville and Chattanooga, TN.


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