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That Tennessee Charm

Cap n gown pictures with Taylor Pierce Photography. Manchester, TN.
Senior portrait session

Last week I was shooting a cap n gown session for a graduate. She kept on telling me that she felt a little awkward in her gown because people were staring at her. I kind of felt it too but it dawned on me that it may be for other reasons than what she wasn't thinking. I know I have said it a lot and I know there are many other people who are thinking the same way... We sympathize for all the seniors of 2020. Some are too shy to say anything and others are not. In fact, we saw a little bit of that southern Tennessee charm during our session together. There were multiple cars stopping to say congratulations to her. The first time was actually kind of funny. Here we are walking down the sidewalk, she was focusing on not falling over in her heals and I'm was toting around a huge light for her senior portraits. This car stops suddenly and a few guys just yell congratulations. At first I was wondering what they were talking about but as soon as I looked at her, I knew. It made me feel happy just to witness it but I think it truly made her day. She smiled so big and I could just see the appreciation in her eyes. The seniors haven't heard it enough. If you're a senior reading this, Congratulations. 13 years of school is a lot of hard work and being with the same body of students is also a challenge within itself. You have accomplished something that will help you to succeed for the rest of your life. If I see anyone walking around town in graduation attire, even those who are not my client but with another photographer, I will most certainly conquer my shyness and yell congratulations to you.

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