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Prepping for a c-section- what you actually need | Smyrna TN area newborn baby photography

Smyrna tn newborn baby photographer | prepping for a C-section

It happened 11 years ago but I remember it like it happened yesterday. One second I was pregnant, only 25 weeks, then the next I was on my way to the hospital in an ambulance.

After Speaking with the on call doctor, I was urged to have an emergency C-section. It was the hardest thing I have ever endured. I was unprepared. Scared. Without my baby. Young.

Now I am about 18 months postpartum from my second C-section. While still painful, it went alot smoother. I'm going to share how!

Belly binder

One of the most benefial things for me was the belly binder wrap. Going in, I knew

I would want one. I didn't use it with my first baby and I truly think it would have been easier if I had. I ordered one off Amazon and it worked great. But honestly the hospital one was a lot easier to manage and was even more comfortable.

They really help by making you feel supported when standing up or moving around. The first time you stand up will be the absolute hardest part of the whole thing. Without a wrap, it's darn near impossible. I wore mine for about three weeks. After the first week you feel alot better but aside from support, they offer protection against every day occurrences.

Disposable underwear

This is a requirement that I will never forget for any c-section. The underwear protects your incision by covering them. They go high enough to not irritate the incision. They're right up there with the hem of your pants. The added leak protection is just a huge benefit. Plus pads can stick to things and ride up to the incision. These work way better. Then you get to throw them away!

Peri Bottle

All moms really need a peri bottle during recovery. The hospital will supply one and I really do think that one works just fine for vaginal delivery. For C-section moms, its really hard to move right after surgery and having a peri bottle with an an angled nozzle will keep you from having to bend forward. You'll end up using after every visit to the restroom. Just invest in a better one to make that process easier for yourself.

Stool Softner

I hate to mention it but your first bowel movement will be uncomfortable. Bring a stool softner with you that you know works. The last thing you want is to be constipated and need to push. Always check with your doctor first.

You must move around!!!

I know its super painful to move but if you move alot, you will feel better faster. I made the mistake of staying in bed with my first. It took forever to feel better and I developed 3 blood clots in my leg. I ended up on shots to clear them and I was miserable. They were very painful, both the clots and shots. I had to take them twice daily. Since I had the clots with my first pregnancy, my doctor made me take the same shots throughout my next pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum. I wanted to kick myself for not walking enough the first time. If you take anything from this post, please, please, please walk like the nurses tell you to. Walk, switch from bed to couch in the hospital and take showers. Move your body!

Things you must not do

Laugh hard



Swallow your drink wrong

Avoid moving

Looking for an Ob? I 100% recommend Dr. BRAD CHESNEY in Murfreesboro. He listens and is so gentle.

Smyrna, TN Area Newborn Baby Photography

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