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In-home/ studio newborn photographer in Murfreesboro, TN & Middle Tennessee

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Murfreesboro, Tennessee Newborn baby photographer

Alot of people love coming to my studio here in Manchester, TN for newborn sessions. I have everything ready once you arrive, there are snacks & drinks, a comfy couch, a vanity for the makeup artist and its relaxing. All you have to do is leave the house to come to my Manchester studio.


I know some parents just want to stay home. Car seats are a lot to tote and packing a diaper bag can seem like a task you don't want to do. As a full-service photographer, I provide all around support not just beautiful imagery.

So, who can benefit from an in-home session?

Those who do not want to fight traffic with the baby in the car. A lot of my Murfreesboro, TN & Nashville, TN parents like to have me come to their homes for am in-home newborn session. Traffic is a part of their daily life and even going to the grocery store can be daunting.

Parents with multiple children. You know your children best. I always recommend parents have someone with them when they come to my studio. It helps to have a team to watch the children and to leave for ice cream while we focus on baby only. I know not all children are the same. Some may do better at home where they are comfortable and can roam freely.

You may not be able to get ready in time for a morning session. I have literally had parents hand me their baby and go get ready. I think having the time to shower without worrying about the baby is refreshing for new parents. This will give you the time to get ready yourself. Grandparents are welcome to experience watching behind the scenes while you are in another room of your home. I know it may seem weird leaving your baby alone with your photographer. Just remember, I am a trusted professional, a mother and you are never required to leave your baby's side.

Maybe you just love the idea.

Will my gallery look the same as your posed studio newborn sessions?

YES!! I bring everything that I would use for your newborn session in my studio at your home. This includes all of my props, posing bag and backdrop stand for parent portraits. My style is posed newborn photography and not lifestyle. My travel in-home newborn photography sessions are the absolute same as my studio work.

So, which do you think would be personally better for you? Are you looking for a newborn photographer in the Middle Tennessee area that offers posed newborn photography in your home? Click here to inquire for a session.


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