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Murfreesboro Newborn Baby Photography | The intimacy of family portraits

When I first have a new client reach out, I often get asked if parents can be pictured too. The answer is yes, yes and yes. I encourage you to let me pose you with your new bundle of love while they are still this small. seriously, they grow so fast. Part of the reason why newborn photography is so paramount is because they are only this little for a couple weeks... Forever. We don't get to go back to this time and capture them or you with them. Once it's gone, it is gone.

My second reasoning for why you must be photographed is because this is for them too. Your precious baby will be bigger one day. She/ he will want to see you holding them. To see how small, they were in your arms. And to see how you looked when they were born. They will see how young and beautiful you were at that age. Even if you don't love how, you look right now, you will love how young you look in this moment in time 20 years from now. Trust me, no one regrets being photographed during their session. If you just so happen to not love how you look, you never have to choose those portraits.

If you are expecting a baby in a few months and are near the Murfreesboro area, now is the time to book. I have limited availability for 2022.


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