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When to schedule a newborn and maternity session

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Murfreesboro, TN Newborn Photographer

Schedule baby photo sessions in advance

Giving birth is thrilling and tiresome. You officially have mom brain and everything is happening at once. The last thing that may pop up in your head is documenting your newborns life with photography. In order to not miss this once in a life time moment, the best time for booking is during pregnancy.

I book 2 months in advance but can sometimes squeeze in last minute bookings.

Once I receive your due date, your estimated date will be reserved and put on my calendar with the idea that baby will come around that time. My schedule will be flexible enough shall your baby come early or late. I limit the number of bookings to ensure that I have availability for my newborn clients.

Newborn session usually take place 1-3 weeks after delivery. Fresh 48's take place at the hospital the day after birth.

While you are in labor, the more I am in the loop on your delivery date the better I can reschedule my week to accommodate your new bundle of joy. I always do my best to accommodate this time frame even if you go into labor earlier or later than expected so long as you keep me posted.

Already delivered your newborn?

For those last minute parents out there, which is totally my style too, keep calm and contact me ASAP. We can still do a beautiful session but the EARLIER the better! The earlier you contact me, the better my availability will be for your newborn session. I love taking in surprise babies, but I do have to ensure I do not take away availability away from someone with reserved time.

What if my baby is older than 3 weeks?

Three weeks is just a reference point for when most newborn sessions take place. If you have not pre-booked, it is possible that time will fly so fast that you haven’t even found a photographer before your baby is 3 weeks old – and that’s okay! We can’t jump back in time, but I can create a session tailored to you and your baby at any age. Lifestyle sessions usually take place from 3-12 weeks old, but I can also create beautiful portraits of babies this age with a similar approach as I would use during a newborn session. However, you must be understanding that more alert, growing babies may not pose and sleep in the same manner as a fresh, out of the oven, newborn.

When should you book a maternity photographer?

The best time to take maternity pictures is about 4-8 weeks before your due date. Any closer and you are more likely to go into labor. Much earlier and we lose a little bit of your rounded out baby bump. The 32-36 week is a good buffer for both concerns. Contacting me earlier gives you more time to settle of the desired date for your session. Ample time also allows us to be more creative and find the right location, gown and theme for you photos. Don't hesitate to share some interesting ideas you have seen.

How to choose a location or studio

The choice of a studio or on location session depends on the type of session you have booked and your personal preference. The pros of a studio session are that the light, temperature and background can be controlled. This also allows you to be in a private, away from the general public and curious on-lookers. The on-location photo session is affected by the time of day, weather, seasonality and actual spot where you are taking photos. We can take photos in the middle of an open field or park, or have your session in a more secluded area. We will talk about any of your hopes and concerns for the location of the session at your pre-shoot consultation.

What to wear during the session

People ask all the time what colors they should wear, or if shoes are required. It depends on you! We can discuss what you can wear for your session at our pre-shoot consultation. While most people choose at least one gown look, gowns don't have to be worn. It is also a good idea to coordinate the outfits of any additional people who are going to be in the photos with you. I do provide a client closet of maternity gowns.

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