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Tips for taking pictures of your newborn at home

For all of you parents that are unable to have your newborn photographed during the pandemic, this post is for you. 🥰

It breaks my heart to know that the session you wanted your whole pregnancy cant happen… with your photographer. But we can work together to take pictures of your bundle of joy at home. So grab your phone, or better yet, that camera sitting in your drawer. Let's do this thang and not let the Coronavirus blues get in the way. 🤜🤛

Before I give any tips, if you are one of my clients and you would like for me to edit any of your photos, I will do so for free of charge.❤️ I miss those babies, I miss editing, and I am bored at home. I do not mind! With that said, if you happen to have a camera, please shoot in a RAW format. This helps me with editing tremendously. RAW does not mean manual. If you need help with the settings as well, let me know.


1. Do your session during the day when you have plenty of natural light. 2. Turn off any lights in the room and use only window light if you have enough of it. 3. Position your baby facing the light that is coming through the window. Look at the shadows on his/her face. Move the baby around until the shadow falls under the nose in a butterfly shape. 4. Don't shoot towards the window. Shoot with the window to your side or to your back, but be careful not to block the light coming through. 5. When finding your angle, don't shoot up the babies nose. Shoot down, from above or from the side of the baby. 6. Don't be afraid to get close. You want to see the details of the baby. 7. If you want to swaddle your baby, watch some tutorials on YouTube. There are plenty of great ones! 8. Don't try to go overboard with the poses. Take a lifestyle approach. Newborn posing is something you study and it can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. 9. Use your bed for sibling shots. Have the baby in front, and the siblings on their tummies with their heads on their hands, behind the baby. 10. If the photos don't turn out good, try again the next day.


I could go on and on with tips but these should help you out for now. Once things improve with the virus, let's get together and do a full session.

If you do want me to edit your pictures then send me a message/email. Remember it's free of charge. I love helping you mama's out.

Everyone stay healthy and don't forget to share this with all of the other new mama friends!🤱

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