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Posed vs Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Murfreesboro, TN & Manchester, TN Newborn photographer

Maternity photographer, Cake smash photographer, & family photographer

Having a little one on the way means you have a lot to do. A lot of decorating, putting stuff together, appointments... When it comes time to find a photographer it can be confusing not knowing which one to go with. You need someone who is professional, has professional gear, knows newborn safety and has studied newborn photography. Keeping all of that in mind, you also need to decide if posed newborn photography or lifestyle is what you're wanting.

So, what is the difference between Posed and Lifestyle?

Posed newborn photography is more of an art form. It involves techniques that can't, and shouldn't, be recreated at home. This is the type of newborn photography that includes sleepy fabric poses, props like bowls, buckets, beds and premium flokatis. In the first two-three weeks, babies are very moldable from being in mom's belly. Posed newborn photography captures how small they are at that moment and shows the little squishy poses that cannot be captured after the newborn stage of life. It's something different from any of the other sessions you will have for the rest of their lives.

The parent pictures are very unique in posed newborn photography. Ask your photographer if they can photograph you with your baby in their nude squishiness. It shows off how small they temporally are in your arms. I think that is one of the most memorable art pieces to have in your home.

Your personal taste is considered when the photographer is designing your session. Your favorite color can be incorporated. Love those mini wooden beds? Your photographer can include those, too. With posed newborn photography, you truly get a custom session that is more on the artistic side of the spectrum.

It's also something that involves a lot of education and practice on the photographer's part. When you look for a newborn photographer, always book with a specialized photographer. General photographers typically do not have the training needed to keep your baby safe.

Lifestyle photography is closely related to your typical family session. It focuses more on the family as a whole instead of baby alone plus the family. This can be done in the client's home, in a lifestyle studio or even outdoors. You will usually see mom and dad holding the baby in the nursery or on a bed. Props like bowls and buckets are not always included. This type of session can be better for you if you want a simple session that is similar to other family photography sessions you may have had in the past or will have in the future.

If you're currently searching for a photographer to photograph your new bundle of joy, then you have a few things to consider.

Do you want to have a session designed that will artistically capture your baby at this once in a lifetime moment? Posed may be better.

Do you want the simplicity of sitting back while an artist poses your baby for portraits most of the session or do you want more of a family session? Posed may be best.

Do you want the photographer in your home? Either style can work. Some lifestyle photographers have studios, and some posed newborn photographers travel to client's homes.

Do you want your home in your pictures? Lifestyle may be better.

Are the little props something you're really wanting to be used? Posed will be a good choice.

Maybe you want that experience that is just different or even a style that is more fine art. Posed newborn photography offers that experience.

I could go on and on about the differences between the two. My suggestion is, look in your local market and ask about the experience of both. Look through their portfolios and see what you're drawn to.

If you're looking for a photographer in Manchester, TN, Tullahoma, TN or in the Coffee County TN area, check out my portfolio to see if posed newborn photography interests you. I also offer in-home posed newborn photography in middle Tennessee. I bring everything to your home that I would use in my studio.

I commonly provide newborn photography services to parents in Manchester, TN; Tullahoma, TN; Winchester, TN; Decherd, TN; Murfreesboro, TN; Smyrna, TN; Coffee County Tennessee; Rutherford County, Tennessee; and other local towns.


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