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Personal Post- Quarantine Schedule, Discounted Outdoor Sessions,Home School Pictures?

Well, our quarantine started yesterday. My son has been out of school for over a week now but he went to a sitter and I even took him to work with me sometimes. However, I got word yesterday morning that our work decided to close for two weeks. For those of you that don't know, I am also a full time preschool teacher. Jonah, my son, loves going to work with me when his school is closed. He enjoys playing with the children there since he currently doesn't have any siblings. I think he's actually more disappointed with the fact that we have to stay home than I am.

But since we are stuck at home, I figured it would be a good idea to get him on a schedule and practice working on his studies. Yesterday, I sat down a came up with a schedule for him. His schedule is the following:

7-8 Breakfast/ TV time

8-9 Read/ Journal

9-10 Prodigy

10-11 Chores

11-12 Lunch

12-2 Quiet time (praise the lord)

2-3 Outside/ Free play

3-4:30 IXL/ Zearn

4:30-5 Wii time or Outside

5-6 Moms pick

When I started the schedule I wasn't sure what I would do for Moms pick. I did come across something on Facebook that I thought would be fun. It's called the "30 Day Lego Challenge". Each day, I'll give him a new project to build with Legos. Today, he has to build a new roller coaster for an amusement park.

Now that I have found stuff for him to do, I need to find some ways to manage my time. I had thought about doing some outdoor sessions but I'm not sure if that's okay because of COVID-19. If I do decide to take on some sessions, I plan to stay 6 feet away from my clients. I'm sure there are some seniors who would love to do a photo shoot right now. I feel so bad for all of the seniors that won't have a normal senior year. I can't imagine missing your senior prom and graduation. Even if our county doesn't have prom this year, I would love to take pictures for any senior that still wants to dress up like they are going to prom.

I don't know though, do you think it's okay to take on a couple outdoor sessions right now? I know non-essential business's are recommend to close due to the virus. I definitely don't want to contribute to the spread of the virus but would I even spread it if I don't come into contact with anyone (not that I have it)? Any sessions that I do take one will be discounted and honestly, the extra income would help me since my school closed and I'm not currently booking full sessions.

I certainly cant go weeks without taking any pictures. I did take my sons spring pictures for school yesterday. I figured he probably won't have them taken at his actual school but it pays being a photographer. LOL. If anyone else wants their child's spring pictures taken through Taylor Pierce Photography, message me to book a future session.

Ya'll stay safe out there and message me if you need toilet paper. I have some I can spare.


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