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Newborn twins in the studio | Murfreesboro TN Newborn Photographer

Murfreesboro Area Newborn photographer

Having newborn twins in my middle Tennessee studio is such a special thing for me. During this whole session, all i could think about is the bond they will have growing up. It will be even stronger since they are both girls.

I did grow up with siblings that were twins. I say were because we did lose our brother is 2021. I have seen the sibling bond and how much they lean on each other growing up. It's such a gift. They're always there to play together and soothe the other when upset. In some ways it's easier to have twins than a single baby. Now we obviously know it's still harder in a lot of ways but it for sure has its benefits. There's double the love from a parent perspective but also the babies get double the love from each other.

This session went so smooth. I got all of the planned sets and worked with one of the sisters while the other took a little more time to settle. Once asleep, we got some amazing images that the family absolutely loves. I just know these twin girls are going to cherish these portraits so much when they are older.

I am a huge fan of a monochromatic look. Every newborn photography session gets a monochrome set. Bringing in two matching wraps and similar headbands really completes the look here. The flokati is my very loved Luneberry flokati. I can't live without my Luneberry flokatis!

Matching sets for individual portraits is a must for newborn twin photography. It gives them all the attention while still twinning at the same time. We have more to come!

If you are expecting twins later in soon or due in 2023 and located near Murfreesboro, TN; now is the time to book a newborn photography session. Each photography session is customized, and matching sets are included.


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