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New policies- June 2020

I just want to start with saying that I hope everyone has stayed healthy and sane these past couple months. 2020 has been a crazy year but I'm hopeful that things will start to look better. With that said, I have some new policies for the studio and for outdoor sessions. These policies have been put in place to help keep my clients, my clients family, myself and my family healthy

Alrighty... Lets talk about my new policies for my outdoor sessions. All bookings and pre-consultations are done over the phone. However, this is pretty typical for my sessions.

During our session, we will maintain social distancing guidelines and I will wear a mask to limit exposure. Our sessions will probably be shorter just to limit the time of exposure but I do want to say your images are still a priority. If I feel that we could benefit from another 15 minutes then I am definitely up for more shooting time.

All gallery reveals will be viewed online for the remaining of 2020. I will not be doing in person sales for the remainder of the year. This also means that all products will be delivered through the mail if desired. I am not enforcing this just because I can guarantee that your products are up to my standard if I give them to you in person.

And most importantly, please stay home if you are sick! I will do the same if I feel ill or run a fever. I do trust my clients, I wont take your temperature before our session. We are all adults here.

Now lets move on to studio sessions! Again, if you are sick then please call me to reschedule. I will also take my temperature before every session. If I have any newborn sessions coming up in the next 24 hours then I will take my temp multiple times before then. I want those babies to stay healthy and happy!

Before you arrive, I will have my studio deep cleaned, all of my props sanitized, my mask ready, hand sanitizer available, and my hands washed. Once you do arrive I will request that your shoes are left at the door and that you use my hand sanitizer. From here I will have you fill out any forms that need to be signed and we will prep for our session (feed baby if newborn session).

Before I touch baby, I will go to my office to wash my hands. I do not wear gloves for my sessions. I believe it is unsafe to pose a newborn while wearing gloves. I would be afraid of the glove moving around, causing me to lose my grip of your baby. Of all of the newborn safety courses that I have taken I have never seen anyone wear gloves but I have seen them talk about baby slipping. I know how to prevent that due to my training and I believe that gloves can prevent me from doing my job effectively. So that's why I am against them. And let me tell ya, I know how to wash my hands. My son was in the NICU for 5 months and they are extremely serious about thoroughly washing your hands.

I do ask that only immediate family members come for the session. If someone is not being photographed then please wait until your next session to bring them. The only exception is Mom and Dad can come even if they are not participating in the session. I do believe the more, the merrier, however, I also need to limit my exposure as well.

Got concerns? Just shoot me an email or contact me by phone. I am all ears. For most of us, this is the first time we have had to worry about a pandemic but we are in this together!

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