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Nashville TN area maternity photographer | Golden hour Maternity session in Middle TN

I am so excited for two reasons. One I love how this maternity session turned out. Mama had some favorites for outside and a ton from the studio portion. Second, my website just got a makeover. My logo in the pictures above is no more! I have very few current sessions left with that logo, and it will be phased out.

This maternity photography session took place an hour away from Nashville, Tn at Old Stone Fort. This state park is about 40 minutes away from Nashville and 5 minutes away from my current newborn and maternity studio.

The time of each day changes so fast this time of year. We quickly had to wrap up the studio portion to make it in time to the outdoor location. I do not normally photograph this late into golden hour. I love, LOVE, the way it looks but I also don't like fighting the dwindling time that comes with it. Don't get me wrong, I still plan for golden hour, but I start a little earlier to get a variety. Especially with little kiddos. They require a faster shutter speed and I prefer more light for that. All of my tog friends understand what I mean.

This beautiful mama opted to have her complimentary makeup done by Jazmine. For those of you that are new, Jazmine is my makeup artist that I partnered with. She has a high-end store front here in Manchester for my clients to go to before they come to me. She really has impressive artistry skills. I'm happy to have her!

Who knew Old Stone Fort could be so pretty? I do prefer the field later in golden hour. Murfreesboro has a very similar field that can be used for maternity and family photography.

Have you looked at the date lately? It's already almost the end of October! I am booking for 2023 due dates! Inquire here.


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