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My Quarantine Hobby- Watercolor Overlays

I feel bad for all of the small businesses that have to close during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's hard to close your doors and not knowing when you'll get your next paycheck is scary. It's especially scary not doing the thing you love. For me that's photography... Obviously.

So I can't just stop sitting at my computer. I don't have an income coming right now but I can still work on my business. I am putting together my marketing strategies and working on my photoshop skills. One thing that has had me busy and Inspired is watercolor overlays.

I am in love! Now I didn't think of this trend myself. I have seen a lot of other photographers playing around with watercolors. I guess they inspired me.

I cant share the overlay file with everyone but I can make one for you if you're interested in the finished product. I have soooo many! Here's a couple others I have made. Let me know what ya think.


Taylor Pierce

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