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My hobby within my hobby.

I love photography so much that I still consider it my hobby. If I say job, then it just doesn't feel right. Lately I haven't taken the time to shoot just for me, so I decided to start doing product photography. Portraiture is still and always will be my jam, but product photography gives me full creative control. I'm currently taking pictures for my boyfriends side biz, which is a woodshop. He uses a lathe to turn bowls, candle sticks, etc. If you havent seen wood being turned, then you should definitly check it out. It's soooo satisfying!

My style incorporates lights in the background to add beautiful, eye catching, bokeh. By the way, I am dying to do a shoot with someone wearing badass makeup, lace and lights in the background. I need to find time and a model to do that with! Anyway, here are some of the product shots I have taken lately.

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