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The sweetest smile | Murfreesboro, TN Newborn Baby Photographer

One second, I am moving my light and the next I'm rushing to capture a smile. It seriously happens so fast and unexpectedly. You have to move fast like Kung fu panda or you're gonna miss it.

I love this sweet smile. He just looks so wholesome. He came to visit me in my Manchester Newborn Photography studio that is located about 35 miles from Murfreesboro and one hour from Nashville & Chattanooga.

I have been remodeling a new studio for some time now. We haven't been in a rush because of the weather but guys, I am so excited! I will have so much more space and it's something I can customized even more than what I have now. BUT... I also have my eyes open for a Murfreesboro location. That is one of my future goals for 2023. So, Murfreesboro, here I come!

Little guy loved clinging onto this little bear. Fun fact: I found this in the holiday section last year. After some modifications, it's the cutest stuffie for newborn photography. I have a grey and a white one also. Pictured above is my signature bucket pose. Moms and dads always choose this pose.

If you have followed me for a while, you have probably noticed I do not use a lot of outfits in my portraits. I have always loved the squishy nakey poses. Lately I have been digging the little rompers, though! How cute are his little cheeks here?!

Now booking 2023 due dates!


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