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Motherhood Sessions

There's a special kind of intimacy between a mother and her child(ren). We give our bodies to them and sometimes we believe we lose ourselves in the process. The more I think about it though, the more I realize we don't lose ourselves, we become something greater and more meaningful. We become entwined with the beautiful side of nature: motherhood.

It's organic and raw. Our bodies grow a whole new person and change in the process. We get these beautiful stretch marks and feel our babies grow as they become stronger from the nutrition we give them.

In todays world it can be hard to embrace the way our bodies have given themselves to our children. They look different than before. Most of us tend to forget how meaningful a mothers body can be.

I'm here to record a story of how beautiful you are and to capture the intimate love between you and your children. They always say someone is ugly if they have a beautiful face and an ugly personality. We, as mothers, sometimes need a reminder of how magnificent we are. Looking through some of the perfect imperfections we get after relinquishing ourselves to our children, we become part of the most beautiful thing the human race has to offer. Through the gift of photography, I'm going to capture the beauty you posses and the love between you and your child.

My motherhood sessions will take place at the end of April and throughout May to celebrate Mothers Day. I have the perfect lace dress on the way for our sessions and everything is already coming together. Follow my socials for behind the scenes! Details for the session will be shared here and on Facebook once I have everything I need for advertising.

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