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Lauryn's Senior Portraits

Lauryn's Senior Portraits were taken at Bledsoe Creek State Park and on the town square of Gallatin, TN.

Both locations mean a great deal to Lauryn.

Bledsoe is the location her boyfriend, who is in the army, asked if she would be his girlfriend. She asked if I could take some photos of her sitting in the exact spot where he asked her out, which was on the dock. We also got some pretty shots of her on the trail they walked down many times together.

The square is where she use to go with her friends to play games such as hide-n-seek. She had so much fun taking pictures in the little ally's she hid in during her high school years.

Here are some of her favorite photos from our session together.

I had to much fun shooting you, Lauryn! Congratulations on being a senior.

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