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Just nerfing around

Its funny. You get so use to your kid(s) going to school and its easy entertaining them when you do have those days at home. But now since the pandemic has happened & we have been stuck at home for months now... I have pulled out all of my entertainment tricks and I'm left zilch.

I would love to say my son, Jonah, is bored enough to do all of the sessions I am dying to do.. but he's not. So I got creative and we agreed to do a (SUPER) mini session for a nerf poster. I envisioned something vibrant and unyielding. I wanted him to appear confident and strong and to help solidify that vision, I shot at a lower angle. I asked him to give me serious look and pose (with a few tweaks from me) like he is modeling for the cover of an army game.

I added the digital backdrop in photoshop and added some glitter effects as well. To help get that extra pop in the image, I did some dodge & burning to his clothes & his body. I avoided most of my OCF (off camera flash) when I shot at a lower angle but I still had the softbox reflection in his glasses so I had to do some cloning in photoshop to get rid of my lights. My main light was my 36" parabolic softbox and I used my 72" umbrella as my fill light. I also had to use the liquify tool to help shape his hair. I'm going to be honest here, I cut his hair a few weeks ago and it looks terrible. Its choppy in the back and sticks up in the wrong direction. I need to take him somewhere so they can fix it. I'm not in a rush though since we are just staying home anyway...

His birthday is in a couple weeks and we had planned on doing a Nerf themed party this year. It's canceled now but this picture would have made a badass invitation. I guess we can always save it for next year.

Now that I am finished with this side project, I am back to thinking of something else to do. Have any suggestions?

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