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How to find a photographer

Today, there are technically many ways you can find a photographer. We have google, Facebook, Instagram, even Alexa... Who I love and use daily, by the way. So when I ask someone how to find a photographer, they come up with an answer fairly quick.

It seems simple enough. All photographers do the same thing, right? They show up, point their expensive camera and say "1,2,3". Boom! That's a wrap.

I mean I guess that could be done. The pictures would be average but the jobs done. You'll probably look at the pictures and think its nice to have that over with, then in the shoe box they go.

So how do you get the pictures you actually want? How do you know if your photographer is a good match?

Here are four tips!

1. What do you want and how do you want it done?

This is a biggie. Let's just say it's your dogs first birthday and you want pictures with him. Well, you cant hire a photographer who isn't willing to shoot with dogs. Maybe, they're allergic, or maybe they're weird. Always check with any potential photographer and ask them what you can incorporate with your session.

Also think about the location choice. Do you want to takes your photos inside or outside? I personally love "on location" sessions. On location just means a location anywhere we can think of. Parks are usually a popular pick.

2. Look at the photographers work.

You'll be surprised by how different each photographer edits their images. I like the bright and airy look for woodsy areas. But I love the dark and desaturated feel for downtown sessions. I always tone down my greens and bring out the highlights. Green makes me think of vomit. Another photographer you're looking at may love vivid greens and create a whole different look with their art. Pick which style you love and go with that photographer.

3. Personality match

What kind of person are you? And what kind of people do you hang around with? Think of your photographer as your friend. That's what we hope to be. For example, I like candid photos. That can be hard to achieve if my client is that complete opposite of me and doesn't think my techniques are fun or funny. It's not impossible and I'm up for a challenge but that's not my ideal client. I want you to feel comfortable around me.

4. Instagram Hashtags

If your having trouble finding a photographer near you, then check on Instagram. When I post on Instagram I use the hashtag #manchestertnphotographer. This helps people around me find my work. Other photographers may do the same thing in your area. Plus, it's an easy way to look at a photographers recent work.

Thank you for reading. Keep an eye out for my Fall Mini Sessions!

Taylor Pierce

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