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Could it be your last picture? | Murfreesboro & Middle TN family photographer

Sometimes it's okay to be raw and real. This blog post is just that.

Could it be your last picture?

Thats a hard question to think about. No one wants to think about tragedies but it's an honest question. Most of us have lost a loved one. How do you remember them? The best thing we have are the memories we personally store inside. Sitting and reflecting on those good times you had with that loved one is the absolute best next thing to them being here on earth with us. After that is pictures.

I have lost a few loved ones the past five years. They were all hard but the one that tore me apart was my brother's death. Some of the hardest to cope with are the unexpected ones. I have a lot of great memories of him. I can remember his laugh and the way he joked with the family. He always picked on my son and shot him with nerf bullets. He was the best uncle my son could have. I will always remember him. I will always cherish the memories I have. And the pictures I have of him will be some of my most cherished pictures.

It's different when you have pictures of a device that temporary verves a physical portrait you will literally have for generations. Phones come and go but our prints do not. You can see them every day when you walk through your home. Hold them when you just want to hug them and cry. The picture won't turn off after 20 seconds of not touching it. IT IS THERE FOREVER.

So could the last picture you took be your last one? If it is, will you have it forever no matter what?

I will always love you.


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